What’s the difference between 2 layers softshell jacket and 3 layers softshell jacket?

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There are 2 kinds of softshell fabrics, 2 layers softshell fabric and 3 layers softshell fabric. 3 layers softshell fabric is with membrane. Normally it is TPU membrane. While we can talk about the difference from 3 aspects.


Firstly, the hand feeling of 3 layers softshell fabric is a little more stiffer. 2 layers softshell fabric is softer.


Secondly, both of them are water resistant in surface, and this is almost a standard finishing. You can make it with normal water resistant or DWR (durable water resistant). But as 3 layers softshell fabric is with TPU membrane, so it is more windproof, and could reach a waterproof level like 3000mm, 5000mm or 10000mm. Meanwhile, the breathability could be 600g/m2/24h, 3000g/m2/24h or 5000g/m2/24h. Even like this, we can not wear it as a rainwear, if there is no seams taped inside. Normally, few people want to wear it like a real rainwear. But if needed, we can use a special tape to cover the inside seams to make the whole jacket to be waterproof.

Thirdly, of course 3 layers softshell fabric cost more, as it’s with TPU membrane and more windproof and waterproof. And different standard of waterproof and breathability cost differently. Especially the breathability standard has a big effect to the cost.


So we can choose 2 layers softshell fabric or 3 layers softshell fabric based on the budget and the use scenarios etc. If the budget is limited for promotion, and no special request for functions, we can consider 2 layers softshell fabric. As the cost is more economic, and there is no obvious difference for appearance with 3 layers softshell fabric. Even 3 layers softshell fabric, we can also demand a suitable breathability standard to make a balance of cost and function. If we wear the softshell jacket mainly outdoor in bad weather, then we need it to be more functional like keep warm, windproof, waterproof and breathable. Then it’s better to use 3 layers softshell fabric. If we just wear it like normal jacket in somewhere like office, warehouse or supermarket as an indoor workwear or leisure jacket, we can choose 2 layers softshell fabric as it is more softer and comfortable to wear. So we can not say which one is better, but they are 2 choice based on the selling aim and wearer’s request.


Greenland focus on softshell jacket for more than 10 years from the very beginning when softshell come out as a brand new fabric. We clear about the cost, function and special features very well. So please tell us your target price, the selling aim or wearer’s use scenarios, then we could give you reasonable suggestion how to keep a balance for cost and function.

Post time: Jan-07-2021

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