2021-2022 Outdoor Garment, Enjoy Yourself!

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---Post- epidemic Era, Use Color to Heal the Wounded Heart

Human beings and the environment should be in harmony and love each other. Especially, facing with the corona virus, after long term restriction, human beings suffered the inner restraint and fear. So in the post-epidemic era, we need internal healing. Nature is still the power where we can get to heal our wounded heat. As for fashion industry, natural and healing color is the trend of 2021-2022 outdoor garment.


GREENLAND focus on outdoor garment with more than 16 years experience. Every year we attend professional outdoor exhibition in China, Europe, and America, such as Intertextile Shanghai apparel fabrics fair, ISPO, etc. We cooperate with Fashion research institute in Europe. And we do brands marketing to analyze the fashion trend. Now we have complete the outdoor leisure fashion trend research 2021-2022, including several parts as color, printing, fabric, technology, pattern etc.

Today we will analyze the color of outdoor garment firstly.


Hopefull color---green series,like Olive oil green,Avocado green, Bean green...


Calm color---blue series,like Purist blue, Clear water blue and Atlantic ocean blue...


Mysterious color---purple series, like Warm purple, Mineral violet and Grayish purple...


Warm color---yellow series, like, Taffy brown, Caramel orange and Oak tree brown...


Positive color---red orange series, like Cranberry red, Melon orange and Nude pink...


All these colors are according to nature and they will be popular in year 2021-2022.They showed our feeling to nature.

Based on these basic color, we make different matches to use in new design.


Besides plain colors, printing is also a fashion element. The trend of 2021-2022 is natural texture print, geometric print, streamline and abstract print.












This is the peak season to develop new styles for 2021-2022 F/W. Every week, our design team and sampling team make some new styles based on the fashion trend. Some of them have been uploaded in our website, and some brand new designs are still in sampling procedure. Please check out website www.greenlandsh.com. Or you are welcome to contact us for more information and free samples.



Next time, we will share you the 2021-2022 outdoor garment fashion trend about fabric. Thanks and see you next time!

Post time: Jan-08-2021

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